About Us

Ravenshaw University came into existence on the 15th day of November, 2006. It was an up-gradation of Ravenshaw College established in 1868, one of the oldest and largest colleges in India which subsequently became an autonomous college with CPE status by UGC and 'A' grade by NAAC. Ravenshaw is now in its 148th year of journey, a journey that one can look back at with a deep sense of satisfaction and pride, and a journey that continues to hold tremendous promise for the future.

The College with all its glorious academic achievement and ceaseless scholastic pursuits has already created a distinct niche for itself in India and beyond. The history of this great institution is, in a manner of speaking, the history of modern Orissa. It was the cradle of ideas fostering national unity and nationalism, promoting social mobilization and gearing up the freedom struggle. Since its inception Ravenshaw has a long tradition of pursuing excellence in teaching and research as well as creating and maintaining a lifelong connection between the institute and its alumni.