Contributing to Ravenshaw

In its journey of 147 years, Ravenshaw has made significant contribution towards shaping the academic discourse in Odisha and also to the betterment of the society. As a matured and vibrant Institution it has also introspected over the past and continues to embark on the pursuit of its vision of becoming the “fountainhead of new ideas”. It continues to be guided by the objective of joining the global super league of universities recognized for their excellence in education, research, creativity and innovation. In this historic journey, the institute needs to take several new initiatives; besides strengthening many nascent pursuits by mobilizing and deploy significant resources. As Ravenshaw takes new strides, active contribution of members- past and present, assumes tremendous significance.

Ravenshavians, old and new, from various walks of life, have always come back and found ways to contribute to the growth of the university. You too can contribute to the difference that Ravenshaw has made in individual and collective lives in one of the following ways:

I. Chair Professorship

Establishment of new Chair Professorships is essential for Ravenshaw to attract and retain high quality research faculty, which are one of the key elements required to fulfil the goal of the Institute to be a leading International Research University. It is envisaged that Chairs will also lead to establishment of new areas of specialization through the recruitment of accomplished researchers in specific fields of study. Each Chair is supported by an endowment created from a donation to the Institute.

II. Visiting Faculty Programme

Several Ravenshavians have gone on to make tremendous contributions to academic research and the process of knowledge generation. The students of Ravenshaw can benefit tremendously through an opportunity to academically engage with them. A visiting faculty programme based on volunteer participation by Ravenshaw Alumni can help bring a fresh academic perspective and expose students and faculty to new course of thinking. The visits could be for 3 to 5 days, one month or even a semester, depending on the availability of the visiting faculty and the requirements of the university calendar. These programmes can motivate current Ravenshaw students to attain academic excellence.

III. Alumni Return to Teach Programme

A longer and slightly modified version of the Visiting Faculty programme, this programme will enable some of the top alumni faculty, researchers and entrepreneurs to come back to teach and conduct workshops at Ravenshaw. The domain of teaching or guidance could include academic subjects and even extracurricular domains such as sports, public speaking, writing, music and others. For people of Odisha, India and abroad this will be an opportunity to work together for Ravenshaw to shine in the glory it deserves.

IV. Batch Endowment Programme

The Batch Endowment Programme is a grass route initiative that reaches out to every alumnus of a graduating/post graduating year with a request to contribute to a fund by a defined period of time. As and when the fund crosses Rupees 5 lakhs, a class room/ reading room/ laboratory/ common room/society room or any other educational space created for the benefits of the students, is named after the batch and the names of alumni who have contributed is displayed at the entrance to that room.

V. Providing Scholarships, Travel and Research Aids & Other Awards

Ravenshaw alumni can also contribute by providing awards, Scholarships, research aids and Travel grants for attending academic programmes and conferences to needy and deserving students.

VI. Contribution to University Development Fund

Development of academic infrastructure requires considerable funds. The role of donations in raising these funds cannot be overemphasised. Ravenshaw aims to accelerate the pace of its approach towards its “Tryst with Excellence” and asks for your continued support. Your contribution to the modernization and establishment of new academic, research and campus infrastructure shall be appreciated.

The Alumni can also suggest various other creative ways of contributing to the growth of Ravenshaw.

VII.University online grading system